Postpartum Style. No, you can’t dress frumpy.

Really, no excuses. This is not your free pass to wear sweat pants everyday. After a couple of weeks it’s time to start rethinking your wardrobe. For me, I couldn’t fit into hardly… Continue reading

Fit New Workouts

I’ve been working on trying to find new workouts for the mom on the go. I personally love P90x, but I know not everyone does, and more importantly, not everyone has the time.If… Continue reading

My Baby

I know, I know, I did not post my measurements yesterday as promised. Honestly I took the day to really enjoy being a mommy instead of posting about it. I know my blog… Continue reading

Birthdays, Christmas Parties, and Workout Plans for the Week

Hey Hey it’s my birthday đŸ™‚ And with this awesome day comes cake, ice cream, and high calorie restaurant food. My wonderful husband took me out for my birthday on Friday for a… Continue reading

Busy Days and Lindsay Brin

OK so today is quite the busy day for me. It doesn’t help that I just took a 2 hour nap with Ariston during the time that  I was supposed to be working… Continue reading

My Battle with Weight

Who doesn’t struggle with weight? Most women are somewhat unhappy with their bodies no matter how thin they may be, it’s just one of those things. In fact some women who are thin… Continue reading


As promised, here is my post-pregnancy weight loss goal: lose 25 lbs by the time Ariston is 7 months old – May13, 2012 When setting your fitness and weight loss goals make sure… Continue reading

Fitting Your Workout Into A Schedule

“So Mommy, When am I going to let you workout today?” Schedules are key. You should really know this if you have a newborn or any kids for that matter. It’s amazing how… Continue reading

Why am I here?

Yeah…let’s hope this isn’t it. In a world of Keurig Coffee Brewers, Hulu, and the iPhone 4s, many of us have been spoiled with the luxuries of instant gratification. Motherhood and the pregnancy… Continue reading

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